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You want to buy an apartment in Mallorca and enjoy gorgeous beaches, picturesque sunsets and turquoise waters at any time. The island is the perfect retreat for a relaxing vacation. You would love to enjoy the warm climate, the Spanish joie de vivre and the many hours of sunshine for longer than just one or two weeks a year - with a purchase of a dream apartment this is possible. Have you also played with the idea and would like to buy an apartment with sea view in Mallorca? - No problem, in our portfolio you will find numerous exclusive apartments at a fair price.



CASA NOVA PROPERTIES - with us you always invest dream apartments!

We, from Casa Nova Properties have specialized in real estate brokerage in the southwest of Mallorca. Especially the regions in and around Calvia as well as Andratx are attractive residential areas. With the right apartment, you can approach your next vacation quite relaxed. It does not matter whether you use it as a vacation home, as a permanent residence or as a lucrative investment property - a residential unit in Mallorca is always worthwhile.

We are always available for you, as a competent contact, with our many years of experience and a good network. Before you buy an apartment in Mallorca, however, it is important that we exchange in a personal conversation, about your individual wishes and needs. Only in this way we can present you perfectly tailored apartment from our portfolio. We have made it our business to fulfill all your wishes - or even to exceed!

You have high standards? Set them on luxury apartment complexes when you buy an apartment in Mallorca!

Dreamy luxury apartments are still very much in demand on the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean. If you own an apartment in Mallorca, you often get a completely different reputation and can stroll around the island together with the rich and beautiful. For this reason, we present the most beautiful and luxurious residential units. We arrange apartments in all locations, sizes and in all price ranges. Of course, your requirements and wishes are particularly important to us and on the basis of these we will help you to find your very own dream property.

Before you buy an apartment, you should consider a few things. Apartments are still very much in demand on the sunny island. They are usually a little smaller than a villa or a finca and therefore a little cheaper, however, they are often located in exclusive residential complexes and can take depending on the equipment luxurious prices. The Mediterranean island is still one of the places where such an investment is worthwhile - so you can not go wrong if you want to buy an apartment in Mallorca.

You want to buy an apartment very promptly?

Don't worry we can manage that too! Our portfolio consists of numerous exhibits in all locations and price ranges. Soon you can sit on your terrace or balcony and enjoy the sun. Many apartments are made in such a way that they get the benefits of a sea view. Most apartments are located in so-called residential or apartment complexes. When you purchase an apartment, you also get the extras of these apartment complexes. In most cases, pools, a fitness center and staff responsible for pool and grounds maintenance are part of the exclusive repertoire of this investment. The infrastructure around the residential complexes is particularly good in Mallorca. Restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and other service providers are available in the immediate vicinity.

Do you like first-class living comfort?

The apartments themselves impress with their high-quality furnishings and provide first-class living comfort. So that you feel comfortable in your new domicile both in the summer and in the winter months, innovative air conditioning systems and heating systems ensure comfortable temperatures all year round. You should not think too long and instead simply buy an apartment in Mallorca - so that you can relax even more.

Buy an apartment in Mallorca and enjoy numerous benefits.

Whether as a vacation home, second home or capital investment, who likes it warm and luxurious, should buy a modern apartment. An exclusive property on the sunny side offers many advantages. With your own domicile, you will not only enjoy warm temperatures all year round, but you can also experience the impressive Spanish joie de vivre.

It doesn't matter whether you buy a small cozy or a large luxurious apartment. The only important thing is that you feel comfortable and it is tailored to your personal needs. The advantages of an apartment in contrast to your own house are obvious. A large villa including a garden always means a lot of work, because both the house and the garden need to be winterized. This undertaking is not only time consuming but also expensive. An apartment which is located in a residential complex, you can easily neglect in the winter. You simply close the door, just like your own apartment door, and the facility itself continues to be maintained by the staff. Furthermore, you are never alone in an apartment complex. You always meet nice neighbors and spend sociable evenings together with a glass of wine.

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Were you also interested and you would like to buy an apartment in the near future? Then you can contact us at any time! We will arrange one of our exclusive exhibits, which fits you 100%. We look forward to hearing from you by phone or email and will be very happy to answer your questions!

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