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We inform you about all important steps of buying a property in Mallorca.

We inform you about all important steps of buying a property in Mallorca

When you buy a property in Mallorca you must be able to fully rely on the advising real estate agent. Especially if you want to invest your saved money for the first time in a foreign country with a different language that you do not speak yourself!

The real estate agent should accompany you competently throughout the entire purchase process, explain every step in the preparation and also draw your attention to possible problems. This also includes comprehensive information about the additional costs involved in purchasing a property, the tax implications and the ongoing costs as an owner.

That is why you are in good hands with us as your local, regional real estate agent Casa Nova Properties in the southwest of Mallorca.

This is confirmed by the many positive customer opinions about our service.
This is also proven by the awards we have received over the years as Bellevue Best Property Agents, from BUILD the Real Estate & Property Award, the Real Estate Service Provider Award 2023.

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