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Mallorca - the most diverse and beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea

Mallorca – the most diverse and beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea

Dear friends of our island Mallorca!
Today I would like to tell you personally my current impressions of a cruise in the Mediterranean:

In 12 days, the cruise ship docked at various Greek and Italian islands. We visited the beautiful islands of Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Capri, among others, in the best sunny weather. All islands are well known and popular with tourists all over Europe and America. Each of these islands has a special incomparable charm! Each of these islands has left an unforgettable impression on me! And I will gladly visit each of these islands again.

But when I saw the first coast- silhouette of Mallorca out of the plane window on the flight back from Rome, I rejoiced with all my heart. I immediately realised that this island of ours is incomparably more beautiful and diverse than all the others. Here, every citizen is offered everything according to his or her wishes: relaxed tranquillity during a hike, e.g. in the Tramuntana mountains, sport with many golf courses and marinas, shopping in exclusive shops, dining in the best restaurants, lifestyle and nightlife in luxury hotels and discotheques, good accessibility from all over Europe.

And in addition, security in daily life in your own dream property, which you will find according to your ideas and wishes with us, your competent real estate agent Casa Nova Properties in the popular southwest of Mallorca.

We look forward to meeting you!