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Current Mallorca real estates for your personal investment

A property in Mallorca is an investment with high enjoyment factor!

There are many aspects to consider when choosing an investment. The interest rates to be achieved play an important role here, so that the investment grows steadily in spite of the inflation rate and can also serve as retirement security.

Unfortunately, savers have not been able to count on interest income for years, and even now they have to reckon with negative interest rates. A very good alternative is to invest in a property which, due to its substance and location, has the best chances of maintaining and even increasing its value. And which you can experience and enjoy at your own leisure. Therefore a property on Mallorca, the most beautiful island in Europe, is the best choice:

  • Mediterranean and mild climate
  • High recreational value with beaches and clubs
  • High lifestyle level with golf courses and marinas
  • First class restaurants and international shops
  • Best accessibility from many countries
  • Stable price development for many years due to strong demand
  • Secure political environment

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