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“Focus” recommends: Become a part of the Mallorca-Society !

The well-known German weekly magazine “Focus” has chosen our island Mallorca as its title theme in its latest issue from 25.5. and reports about the island of thinkers, poets and DAX board members. Quote: “Nowhere else in Europe do so much money and genius gather in such a small space. Here sun, money and longing unite!”

“Focus” shows the top addresses of the island and enthuses about the inspiring spirit of the island with all its facets.

The density of celebrities is especially noticeable here in the southwest of Mallorca: here you will find various luxury marinas, fantastic golf courses, exquisite restaurants, places with villas of superlatives, idyllic bays with turquoise water, and the proximity to the pulsating metropolis Palma de Mallorca!

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