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Festival in Santa Ponsa: Rei en Jaume

Festival in Santa Ponsa: Rei en Jaume from 28.8.2019 to 08.09.2019

The most important festival in Santa Ponsa is about to take place: every year for 790 years, the landing of the troops under King Jaume I has been commemorated to this day with a festival that also recreates the traditional fight against the island’s Moors. In 1229, King Jaume I of Aragón reconquered the island for Christianity. The aragonese troops landed in Santa Ponsa, defeating the Arabs for good, and a new era began for Mallorca as an independent kingdom, which only lasted until 1349.

This day of the landing of the Christian troops on the beach of today’s Santa Ponsa is celebrated year after year: the scenes of the landing and the battle between Moors and Christians are reproduced in detail. In the bay of Santa Ponsa, the boats of the “enemy troops” meet on September 7th, and then, accompanied by bands of music, they go to the big beach of Santa Ponsa. Inform yourself about all events. One of the musical highlights on 31 August will be a concert by David Bisbal, one of Spain’s most famous Latino pop singers.

Programme of the festival:

The team of Casa Nova Properties , your real estate agent in Santa Ponsa, wishes you much pleasure and good entertainment!