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Mallorca - The light at the end of the tunnel

Viewings of Mallorca properties via live-streaming!

In most European countries, restrictions are slowly being lifted in a controlled manner due to the corona pandemic. We assume that despite a further extension until May 9th , step by step the way to normality will be taken also here on Mallorca. So that we can all see light at the end of the tunnel again!

Since a normal journey to us in Mallorca is not possible at the moment, visits to your future dream property are unfortunately not possible either. But so that you can choose calmly from home, we offer you live streaming (video transmission) from the desired property: our sales manager calls you at an agreed time and shows you in the form of a live transmission the individual highlights of the property, which you can see live on your mobile phone.

As the “director” of the viewing, you will always have the opportunity to ask your questions, which will be answered immediately by our sales manager. And the advantage for you is that you do not see a ready-made video, but a personal video created for you!

Today we only offer you properties where this live video transmission is possible. But we also have a large number of other desired properties in our portfolio where this “viewing” is possible.

Let us inspire you and call us: 0034-971698076 !

By the way: Three customers have already achieved the loyalty coupon of 3.000 €. Also you can still secure this with an option contract and signature at the notary until 31.7.2020.

Your Reinulf Aniol , Managing Director
Bernd Bremer, Managing Director