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“Casa of Nova Properties”: 7 years of successful history!
“Antenati”: 13 years of successful history!

On the 15th October 2004 the company “Antenati S.L” was founded by the directors Bernd Bremer and Reinulf Aniol in the notary of Palma de Mallorca. The company purpose is the purchase, construction, rebuilding and real estate agency. For 13 years now Antenati S.L is a successful, owner-controlled, without external finance and without investors lead company.

Afterwards on the 30th of September 2010 the real estate agency “Casa Nova Properties S.L” was founded, in addition with the same managers Bernd Bremer and Reinulf Aniol. With the same principles of a well- arranged businessman, committed to the customer. Both owners work actively in the companies and are the contacts for all business partners on this big network.

Our modern office in Santa Ponsa is a popular meeting place for owners and customers. We are proud to present a very comprehensive portfolio of an apartment up to the luxury real estate in the interest of our customers. Our multilingual competent agents and our motivated sales managers are our most valuable advantage and they guarantee the best care for our customers.

We are proud of it. Also in the future we will do everything to satisfy you as customers. If you get satisfied, you will recommend us.

Therefore you have our word! Thank you very much!