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With us you fulfill your dream of a real estate on Mallorca!

We are your competent partner for the search for your suitable real estate on our nice island Mallorca. Therefore you need a big selection of some suitable objects for a viewing, so that you can experience the real estate with the equipment in full way. Besides, we give you a lot of important background information which you can use for your decision.

If then you decide on a property, it is our job to prepare the notary appointment and to organize all necessary information for a perfect sale. With the help of our lawyer and with the support of the responsible Notaries all information like an option contract and the preparation of the notary public’s appointment is gathered.

In particular for first buyers of a real estate on Mallorca it is important that we take as many necessary formalities from you. Our nicest job as an estate agent is to work as a mediator between the owner and the buyer and to satisfy both sides.

So that you can experience your dream of own real estate on Mallorca and enjoy.