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The real estate market in Mallorca defies any crisis

The real estate market defies any crisis

In these times of economic uncertainty, there are few ways to invest money wisely and safely so as not to suffer a loss.

That’s why investing in real estate today is particularly appropriate in good places with a promising future. Among these good destinations is, of course, our beautiful island of Mallorca. We, as a competent real estate agent in the southwest of Mallorca, can fully confirm this increased demand. The interest in buying a property with us increased significantly compared to previous years. And the great side effect for the buyer is that, in addition to the expected increase in value, this property can be enjoyed for your vacation at any time!

We continue to offer you our popular “Live Streaming” of a property, where our sales agents will show you your “dream property” directly through the video and answer your questions. Also flights to Mallorca are currently inexpensive and recommended, if you are willing to take the necessary precautions. Before the return flight, a corona test must then be carried out here according to current law up to 48 hours before to avoid a quarantine in Germany. We will gladly inform you about the current regulations.

We wish you a good relaxing stay here on our beautiful island Mallorca, stay healthy!

The Casa Nova Properties team