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The luxury mansion of well-known fashion designer Lee Alexander McQueen in Santa Ponsa has a new owner. The estate agent Casa Nova Properties (Santa Ponsa, Mallorca) has sold this property, in the best villa location on the house mountain of Santa Ponsa, to a young German businessman.

The winding up of the inheritance of the real estate on Mallorca laid in hands of the known lawyer office Jaime Lamas. The profit of the sales goes to a beneficent relief organization in favor of young fashion designers in London.

Over 20 years ago the idea for a charitable foundation was born out of the creativity and experience of Lee Alexander McQueen. Named after McQueen’s 2007 Spring/Summer collection, Sarabande Foundation was established because Lee passionately believed that young creative minds should be given the same opportunities he’d enjoyed, to those with the potential to push boundaries and overturn prevailing orthodoxies.

Lee’s idea of ‘giving back’ is central to Sarabande’s philosophy, and the foundation is there to provide financial support to those at graduate and postgraduate level. Sarabande HQ and its 15 studios were established to hone in some of the best emerging creative talent in the UK.

We have provided a building and a space for creative talent to flourish without boundaries. We are only there to observe and facilitate – our partners and friends of Lee are there to guide and inspire. Our space is a place where it’s safe to experiment, to succeed, to fail but always to move forward.

The genesis of all Lee’s achievements was his open-minded approach to absorbing diverse creative influences and applying them in new and exciting ways. It is that openness and bravery that Sarabande seeks to inspire in future generations of creatives.

The philosophy of Sarabande, seen at the website :