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Highest professionalism

“Highest professionalism, best local knowledge, satisfaction of both parties”

With these words an owner, whose unique villa we were able to sell last week, described the work of the sales team of Casa Nova Properties. We are particularly pleased with this praise, as this has been the guiding principle of our activities for 10 years. Therefore we would like to thank again all owners who entrust us with their property for sale and all prospective buyers who tell us their wishes and ideas so that we can find the personal dream property for them on our beautiful island Mallorca.

Only if both contracting parties are satisfied at the notary appointment in the end, it was a good deal for all. And during the negotiations it is our task to find a good solution together with lawyers, tax consultants and other parties involved in case of questions and problems that arise, which is fair to all sides and goal-oriented. To this end, we are at your disposal on site with seriousness and competence.

You can rely on this!