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"Early bookers" also have the best chances buying a property!

If you are late, life punishes you

The topic of “early bookers” has always been an important requisite for holiday or hotel bookings when it comes to desired destinations that are in high demand. There is an old saying: if you are late, life punishes you.

The same applies to properties on Mallorca in sought-after locations with good facilities. The last few years have shown that especially in new buildings with the most modern standard, the demand was often higher than the supply.

The prospective buyer who was well informed, who was quickly on site and who could quickly decide to buy, then had the decisive advantage of securing the dream property through an option contract.

In order to ensure quick information about new properties on the market, a good contact with the real estate agency is also essential. Casa Nova Properties as a local real estate agent, who is especially well versed in the southwest of Mallorca, can provide you with this information at any time, tailored to your personal wishes and ideas!

This also includes properties that are to be sold quickly at a reduced price for personal reasons of the seller. During the entire process we guarantee full discretion. On our website we also publish these “top offers” on the start page and here in our newsletter.

Use this information to your advantage!