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Our island Mallorca expects even more international guests in 2023

Our island Mallorca expects even more international guests in 2023

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all the owners of the properties that we were allowed to include in our offer, and to our buyers to whom we were allowed to present these properties with a lot of commitment.

This partnership also led to a very good closing result in 2022. It will be our incentive for 2023 to exceed these figures with a lot of enthusiasm and commitment.

And the signs for our island Mallorca are very good, because all forecasts predict a very good year to come. The plans of tour operators and airlines show that the quality of the island in particular is in demand everywhere. Several international magazines have described Mallorca as a “top destination” also for the non-European market, which is also proven by the new flight connections to the USA.

Become a member of these Mallorca enthusiasts! Discover and experience the Mediterranean flair of our island. The best way to do this is to buy a suitable individual favourite property with us, the expert team of Casa Nova Properties.

By the way: this year we were again awarded by the jury of “Bellevue“, the largest European real estate magazine, as “Best Property Agents 2023“.

We will gladly fulfil this commitment to our owners and clients.