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Many of our properties in Mallorca are built between 1970 and 2000. These villas or condominiums are often set in a very good location and sometimes with an unobstructed sea view.

These properties often need some modernization of comfort and technology. But there are only a few alternatives, as by enhanced building legislation and the high standards of environmental and coastal protection in the past new houses or condominiums are hardly caused in a very good location.

But today’s clientele has high legitimate claims to the inside amenities. Even more if you like to use your new home as a permanent residence. This includes a cost-effective heating system, an individually switchable Air Conditioning Hot / Cold, with appropriate Isolation frames and double glazing windows, maybe a computerized home automation system.

Also, in most cases the Kitchen with all technical equipment should be modernized.

Therefore, in most cases, we advise the seller to wait with a refurbishment. But of course the owner should make sure, that the Property is in a good condition and can be presented by the broker. The first impression is the most important! These include all senses: eyes, nose and ears will note everything of the potential buyers.

It does not make sense to invest work, time and money in a costly refurbishment when the potential buyer has a completely different like and has to invest in his property again. Therefore we mostly give the advice to be a bit willing to negotiate the selling price and leave the modernization for the client. Thus both sides are served.

We, your real estate agent on Mallorca, Casa Nova Properties, offer you as our client the whole calculation of any refurbishment, whether “Paintbrush” or “partial modernization”.

We also offer you planning the whole project by well-known construction companies.

Have a look on the website, here you will find more details. If you want us to we take care of appropriate cost estimates by proven craftsmen and accompany all work directly on the spot.

Each step will be agreed with you, so that you can enjoy your personal, individually planned property soon, even without entering into a financial risk.