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All residents should make use of their right to vote!

All residents should make use of their right to vote!


On Sunday, May 28, 2023, the regional parliament and also the representations in the municipalities will be elected in Mallorca.

In recent months, especially from the left-wing parties from the ruling coalition, numerous demands became known, such as limiting the number of tourists and cruise ships even more and even prohibiting the purchase of real estate for non-residents. Some demands were immediately rejected even by the leftist government in Madrid because they would clearly violate European law on freedom of movement. But the left-green parties invent new prohibition strategies every day to restrict all citizens and their property.

The citizens of the Balearic Islands have the choice on May 28th in the election for Prime Minister between the candidate Francina Armengol of the left PSOE and the candidate Marga Prohens of the civil PP.

Here is very important: In the local elections in the municipalities, the foreigners who are registered as residents are also allowed to vote. Usually these citizens have received the”tarjeta censal” at their place of residence. In addition, take a valid document and your NIE number to the voting location!

And you should in any case make use of your right to vote, so that your interests are better represented in the next legislative period. Make sure with your vote that there are clear majorities for a free and democratic future, so that radical groups do not decide! So that our Mallorca remains worth living for all!